Ecomember 2016

Nature tour to the West

lesbos lesvos orpheus 4x4 nature volcano rhododendron

This is an unforgettable nature tour through the volcanic landscape of West Lesvos. It takes you to a fairytale forest with volcanic rocks and unique flora, like black pine trees and the yellow rhododendrons which flower in April-May, to the top of Mount Ilias (895 meters high), to the famous taverna of Liota, the sandy […]

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A visit to the goat farm


Emma and Kostas invite you on their ‘Hidden Gem Goat Farm’. “The Hidden Gem Goat farm is a beautiful little working farm set in stunning surroundings just on the outskirts of the enchanting village of Molyvos. We are set amongst olive trees and fruit trees and have a lovely view of the stone built village […]

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Kayaking to the islets

kayak lesbos lesvos anaxos

Join us on a kayak excursion from Anaxos beach! We are heading for the island of Saint George (Rabbit Island) and its smaller brother. On the tour we make several stops on the islets, for swimming, snorkeling and lunch. The trip starts at Anaxos Beach, at Lakis’ Watersports (opposite Palatino). From 10:00 to 15:00h, lunch […]

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Rock climbing at Panagia Krifti

rotsklimmen rock climbing Panagia Krifti Lesvos Kostas

Join us on a brand new climbing adventure along the south coast, at Panagia Krifti! Kostas Mougklolias, climber and climbing trainer certified by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, created 26 climbing routes on this location. ‘Panagia Krifti’, less than 10 kilometers from Plomari, is a wonderful natural place with big rock faces and […]

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Discover Lesvos on the bike

lesvos ride mountain bike pigi

Lesvos Ride gives you the unique experience to explore Lesvos by mountain bike or trekking bike. Book your own hotel or apartment and choose which tours (if not all of them!) you would like to join. Together with the passionate initiators of Lesvos Ride, Pandora Travel is happy to make all the arrangements for you: […]

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Horse riding around Molyvos

horse riding molyvos

We give you the unique opportunity to explore the surrounding of Molyvos on horseback. Ippos is a small and authentic riding school in Molyvos that has kind and trustworthy horses. A variety of excursions are available for all levels of riding. All rides are under the supervision of a qualified instructor consisted of small group, […]

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Day cruise to Skala Sikaminias

skala sikamineas

We sail from the harbours of Petra and Molyvos along the Northern coastline passing the hot spring of Eftalou and enjoying great views of Turkey. In the picturesque fishing harbour of Skala Sikaminias you can admire the beautiful church, take photographs and have a nice meal in one of the tavernas (not included). It is […]

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Minicruise to the island of Saint George (Rabbit Island)

We sail from the harbours of Petra and Molyvos to the deserted island of Saint George for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and a picnic. We provide snorkels and parasols. Included: Picnic of cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, bread, 1 glass of white wine or soft drink. Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Departure from Petra: 11:00h Return: ca. […]

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Sunset cruise to the island of Saint George (Rabbit Island)

calypso sunset cruise

We enjoy a beautiful sunset at sea with appetizers. We sail in the evening from the harbour of Petra to the harbour of Molyvos. We will visit the sea-caves near Molyvos and the deserted island of Saint George (Rabbit Island) Included: Cucumber, feta cheese, bread, 1 glass of white wine or soft drink. Tuesday, Thursday, […]

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Barbecue on the island of Saint George (Rabbit Island)

The captain of the Calypso will treat you to the very well kept secrets of the Greek kitchen. We sail from the harbours of Petra and Molyvos to the deserted island of Saint George for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and a perfect meal. We provide snorkels and parasols. Starter: Sausage, cucumber, feta cheese, eggs and bread. […]

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Wild horses tour

wild horses

This is an adventurous tour through the beautiful nature of North East and Central Lesvos. We will visit the medieval bridge of Kremasti, the ruins of a basilica, the waterfalls of Man’Katsa and the clay pools in the area of Palios (breeding area of the Ruddy Shelduck). With a bit of luck you will see […]

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Pandora’s crystal tour

This is an unforgettable nature tour through the green south of Lesvos. We drive through the pine forest along Megalo Limni, to the marble top of Mount Olympos (968 meters), through the chestnut forest behind Agiassos to a old quartz rock quarry and to the mineral stone beach of Melinta. Here you will have the opportunity […]

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Agii Anargyroi, Mixou, Tsilia and Avlonas

This nature tour brings you to the tranquil green oasis of Agii Anargyroi, a beautiful place of pilgrimage and relaxation, then through the impressive mountains of Mixou to the cave of the Holy John, across the mountains via Karionas to the south coast, a swim stop on the deserted sandy beach of Tsilia, and for lunch […]

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To the amazing South East

agios ermogenis

Join us on a nature trip to the area south of the capital Mytilene! The harbours of Kountouroudia and Skala Loutron along the Gulf of Gera, the breathtaking beach of Agios Ermogenis, the chapel of Panagia Amalis in the pine forest, the mountain top of Profitis Ilias above the capital city and much, much more. […]

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Two days nature around Gera

agiassos trekking

Combine the two nature tours of Pandora Travel along the Bay of Gera with an overnight stay at Toumba, the horse farm in the mountains close to Milies. You’ll spend the night in a beautiful lodge with breathtaking views over the south coast, far away from civilisation. The first day we will drive to the tranquil […]

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South West Adventure Tour

2 days/1 night getaway This getaway takes you off the beaten track and shows you the green south and the volcanic west part of Lesvos. Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. Highlights of the first day are visiting the ruins of the Ottoman village of Klapados, climbing to the snow-white marble top of […]

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Toumba ecological farm

toumba lodge exterior

Welcome to Toumba, a unique ecological farm set among the beautiful mountains of South Lesvos. Here is a remote holiday resort with a unique atmosphere – the perfect place for total relaxation, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking or meditation. If you need a break from the daily stress, Toumba is the place to go! Facilities […]

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Fishing in ‘Aristotle’s Lagoon’

fishing on board

Always wanted to know how the local fishermen catch the fish and seafood that you eat in the taverna? One of them, Mitsos Koularas, invites you to join him on his boat as he works in the Gulf of Kalloni. The fishing expeditions start in the remote harbour of Skamnioudi, close to Lisvori and Polichnitos. […]

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Tailor made excursions

tailor made excursions

Are you travelling with a group or do you have a specific idea or wish? Pandora would love to help you create a tailor made trip! By foot, by car, by bus or by boat. To the north, to the south, to the west or to the east. Guided in the langiage you prefer. One […]

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