Ecomember 2016

Special ORCHID expedition

orchid expedition comperia comperiana agiassos sanatorium

Exciting orchid-hunting expeditions The Greek island of Lesvos holds a unique position in the flora of Greece, because of the number of European wild Orchids which flourish here. The reason for this is its position on the borders of three spheres of influence: Asia Minor (Turkey), a few sea-miles away; the South of Europe (Lesvos […]

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Hike – ‘With different eyes’

Photographer Jan van Lent takes you ‘shopping’ on his walk along the paths and gardens around Molivos. On Lesvos, wild plants are still an important source of food, medicine and cosmetics. The knowledge and use of these plants, herbs and wild vegetables (in Greek ‘chorta’) is handed down from parent to child, or more often, […]

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