Ecomember 2016

Pandora’s Nature Tours

Rhododendron Lesvos Pandora nature excursion

The nature tours of Pandora Travel take you to places you won’t find easy. A kind of fast hiking through the breathtaking nature of Lesvos. We can take up to 6 guests on our adventures. The tours you can choose from are: The surprisingly green west: the Ottoman village Klapados, the fairytale forest with mineral […]

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Adventure at the watermills

This is a route that combines biking and hiking. We can start the tour either from Petra or Molyvos. The road will take us first at the watermills of Ligona. In the old days the springs gave their power to the watermills. They are hidden deep in the Ligonas canyon. The plane tree forest is […]

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Cycling to the flamingo’s

The Gulf of Kalloni with its wetlands hides many secrets. It is worthwhile to spend many hours to discover some of them. Secrets you can feel and be a part of while you are on a bike. Our guide is ready to lead you near the salt pans with the huge piles of salt, between […]

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The waterfall of Klapados

Hike to the waterfall – Klapados – Lafionas – Petra Total Distance: 12 km Duration including stops: 6-7 hours (it is possible to extend the hike 4km) Level of difficulty: Easy The hike We start our hike on the ridge of the mountain between Petra and Kalloni, in the north of the island. The track […]

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Individual hiking holidays

You’d like to explore Lesvos on foot but you prefer to hike without a guide? Pandora Travel offers you the unique opportunity to stay in and explore several areas in one week. We provide bed and breakfast accommodation in the south, the center and the north of the island, with descriptions and GPS details of […]

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Hike to the Valley of the Mills

ligonas mill petra lesbos lesvos molenvallei

Circular walk Petra – Petri – Valley of the Mills – Petra Total Distance: 10 km Duration including stops: 6-7 hours Level of difficulty: Easy The trip We start our hike in Petra, in the north of the island. A small asphalt road leads us up to the little village of Petri, which is a […]

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Petra, Lafionas and Agios Alexandros

lafionas lesbos lesvos petra alexandros

Circular walk Petra – Lafionas – Agios Alexandros – Petra      Total Distance: 15 km Duration including stops: 6-7 hours Level of difficulty: Easy The trip We start our hike in Petra on the north coast of Lesvos. We walk past blooming gardens and later on through old olive groves until we reach the tiny mountain […]

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To the top of Mount Lepetymnos

lepetymnos lesbos lesvos hike wandeling bergtop mountain

Circular walk Lepetymnos – Peak – Argenos – Lepetymnos Total Distance: 13 km Duration including stops: 6-7 hours Level of difficulty: Medium The trip We start our hike on top of the mountain in the village of Lepetymnos (334m above sea level). From here we reach the ruins of Chalikas.  Our path leads us in […]

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Hike ‘Aegean Sea and Olives’

hike wandeling lesbos lesvos agia paraskevi skala sikaminias olive

Circular walk around Skala Sikaminias and visit to the olive oil museum in Agia Paraskevi Total Distance of the hike: 8 km Duration including stops: 7-8 hours Level of difficulty: Easy The trip The meeting point for our tour is Kalloni, from there we head north. Our hike begins in Skala Sikaminias, a beautiful fishing […]

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Kayaking to the islets

kayak lesbos lesvos anaxos

Join us on a kayak excursion from Anaxos beach! We are heading for the island of Saint George (Rabbit Island) and its smaller brother. On the tour we make several stops on the islets, for swimming, snorkeling and lunch. The trip starts at Anaxos Beach, at Lakis’ Watersports (opposite Palatino). From 10:00 to 15:00h, lunch […]

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Explore the old Vrisa – Nigida

wandeling lesbos lesvos Agia Anna Vrisa Nigida hike Lesvos Nature Historic Museum

Circular walk Vrisa – Langada – Nigida – Vrisa Total Distance of the hike: 13 km Duration including stops: 7-8 hours Level of difficulty: Medium The trip We begin our walk in the charming village of Vrisa at the lovely plateia. We follow a clean river through a valley called Langada, which is well known […]

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Hiking around Skala Loutron

Wandeling Lesbos Lesvos Hike Skala Loutron Ermogenis Gera Lesvos

Circular walk Skala Loutron – Agios Ermogenis – Skala Loutron Total Distance of the hike: 10 km Duration including stops: 7-8 hours Level of difficulty: Easy   The trip We begin this hike in Skala Loutron at the Gulf of Gera. This area is hardly touched by tourism; you will see secluded bays, beautiful little […]

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On foot to Mount Olympos

wandeling lesbos Olympos Hike Lesvos Agiassos

  Circular walk Agiassos – Mount Olympos – Agiassos Total Distance of the hike: 10 km Duration including stops: 6-7 hours Level of difficulty: Medium   The trip We start our tour to the summit in the village of Agiassos, one of the most fascinating mountain villages of the island of Lesvos. This lovely village […]

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Rock climbing at Panagia Krifti

rotsklimmen rock climbing Panagia Krifti Lesvos Kostas

Join us on a brand new climbing adventure along the south coast, at Panagia Krifti! Kostas Mougklolias, climber and climbing trainer certified by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, created 26 climbing routes on this location. ‘Panagia Krifti’, less than 10 kilometers from Plomari, is a wonderful natural place with big rock faces and […]

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Horse riding around Molyvos

horse riding molyvos

We give you the unique opportunity to explore the surrounding of Molyvos on horseback. Ippos is a small and authentic riding school in Molyvos that has kind and trustworthy horses. A variety of excursions are available for all levels of riding. All rides are under the supervision of a qualified instructor consisted of small group, […]

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Sail away for a day

A sailing trip in Lesvos’ waters is something you have to experience! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced sailor or it is your first time on a sailing boat. Our boats will leave the port early in the morning and in a couple of exciting sailing hours we will arrive in a quiet, […]

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Diving into history and beauty

Diving in Lesvos Island waters is a truly magnificent experience; it’s something like diving through a historic museum of the earth and humanity. Explore the creation of the Aegean Sea and the land diving through sceneries of lava formed 20 million years ago, together with ancient Greek culture lying preserved under water for more than […]

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Toumba ecological farm

toumba lodge exterior

Welcome to Toumba, a unique ecological farm set among the beautiful mountains of South Lesvos. Here is a remote holiday resort with a unique atmosphere – the perfect place for total relaxation, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking or meditation. If you need a break from the daily stress, Toumba is the place to go! Facilities […]

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Fishing in ‘Aristotle’s Lagoon’

fishing on board

Always wanted to know how the local fishermen catch the fish and seafood that you eat in the taverna? One of them, Mitsos Koularas, invites you to join him on his boat as he works in the Gulf of Kalloni. The fishing expeditions start in the remote harbour of Skamnioudi, close to Lisvori and Polichnitos. […]

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