Ecomember 2016

Creative workshops with Tunde

Pandora Travel offers several workshops with local artist Tunde Hidvegi. The price is the same for all her workshops: 30 Euro a person a day. This price includes instruction, materials and tools. Tunde organizes her workshops at her home in Vassilika, a small farmersvillage in the south of Lesvos. But with enough participants, she is willing to travel to other locations.

1x1-pixel Creative workshops with Tunde

A short biography

tunde_hidvegi-100x150 Creative workshops with Tunde My name is Klara Tunde Hidvegi. I am a Hungarian-born American artist, writer, and musician. I moved to Lesvos from Richmond, VA a few years ago because I fell in love with the beauty of the island. I do many things for a living. My degree is in music; however, I learned how to paint, do mosaics and work with resin, on my own. During the process of learning, I developed my own technique. On many occasions, I combine all of my different skills to create mixed media art pieces and jewelry.
During the past few years, I have also returned to my childhood passion, which is writing fiction. Lesvos has a great influence on my imagination. Every nook and cranny on this island has a story to tell. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear it also. To see my art, please check out my face book page here
To read books I have written, you can go to and download my book Persephone’s Paradise. For music, well, come over, bring your instrument, and let’s play Bach. I teach beginner to intermediate piano skills and beginner to advanced recorder playing. My motto to live by: “One must always sing on pitch.” By Zoltan Kodaly

tunde_painting Creative workshops with Tunde

Photo Gel Transfer Workshop

In this class, participants will learn how to transfer images onto wood by using gel medium. This is a true mixed media workshop that involves creating collages, working with gel medium, and painting.

tunde_gel_print Creative workshops with Tunde

1x1-pixel Creative workshops with Tunde

Resin Art Workshop

Resin is an epoxy substance. It consists of two parts, the resin and the hardener. The two parts are mixed together in a ratio of 1 to 1. After thorough mixing, the clear liquid is poured over art work such as collage, photographs, paintings, and mosaics. Depending on the temperature, the resin cures to touch in about 8 hours. The finished art piece is coated in a beautiful, glass-like, hardened epoxy. Epoxy resin is used in various arts/crafts. Jewelers use it to make unique pieces of jewelry. Photographers use resin to enhance and protect their pictures. Mosaic artists sometimes substitute traditional grout for resin.

tunde_resin_art Creative workshops with Tunde

Two-Day Mosaic Art Workshop

You will learn about the different steps and techniques of cutting glass, scoring, nipping tiles, she will talk about the different kinds of adhesives fit for a particular project. She will also provide several design patterns for those who do not wish to use their own. Once the design is sketched, Tunde will help with the process of mounting the ceramic/glass pieces on the board and finally, she will be helping with the grouting and cleaning of the artwork.

tunde_mozaiekatwork Creative workshops with Tunde

1x1-pixel Creative workshops with Tunde