Ecomember 2016

Cycling to the flamingo’s

1x1-pixel Cycling to the flamingo's

lesvos-ride-kalloni-cropped-resized Cycling to the flamingo'sThe Gulf of Kalloni with its wetlands hides many secrets. It is worthwhile to spend many hours to discover some of them. Secrets you can feel and be a part of while you are on a bike. Our guide is ready to lead you near the salt pans with the huge piles of salt, between the anise fields, and in places with rare immigrant birds.

We can start this route from Skala Polichnitou and by taking a coastal road to Achladeri we will pass the picturesque harbors of Skamnioudi and Skala Vasilikon.

1x1-pixel Cycling to the flamingo's

On our way back to Skala Polichnitou we will stop at one of the little harbors to relax and get to know the fishermen of the area. The route is easy ans offers a great diversity in landscape. If preferred we can start this tour in Achaderi.

Price: 40 Euro with at least 3 participants (50 Euro with two, 80 Euro for one) Bike, helmet, bottle of water and consumption along the track included.

lesvos-ride-kalloni-hight Cycling to the flamingo's

1x1-pixel Cycling to the flamingo's