Ecomember 2016

Photography workshop with Tzeli

1x1-pixel Photography workshop with Tzeli

Tzeli Hadjidimitriou, the well-known photographer and travel writer, invites you to a photographic day-workshop in Molyvos or Petri. Tzeli will use the local architecture in order to show you how to compose using colours and how to get the special feeling of a foreign place.

tzeli_portrait_1 Photography workshop with Tzeli

Tzeli: “What I am really doing in the workshops, is that I help you ‘see’ everyday objects as never seen before. That helps you see your life differently too. It is a kind of meditation and therapy through photography.”

The workshop

Early in the morning you will gather for the theoretical part of the workshop, followed by a short stroll in the area. After a break (an opportunity for lunch) the program will continue in the afternoon, when the light is perfect for beautiful photographs.

tzeli_day_workshop_1 Photography workshop with Tzeli

Molyvos or Petri

The architecture of Molyvos is one of the big attractions that makes it the most important tourist village of Lesvos. The Molyvos workshop will be combined with a visit to the hot springs and Golden Beach of Eftalou. The sleepy mountain village Petri also contains beautiful stone houses, connected by narrow alleys. And Tzeli will take you (on foot) to the nearby Ligonas valley, with the impressive ruins of 19 water mills.
Plenty of unique photo subjects!


1x1-pixel Photography workshop with Tzeli

tzeli_day_workshop_2 Photography workshop with Tzeli

About Tzeli

Tzeli Hadjidimitriou is a fine art photographer, travel writer and photographer, and photography teacher from Lesvos, Greece. She is the author of eight photography books, including the award-winning “In Communion with Stone” (Crete University Press) and “Time Fading Into Clouds” (Metaixmio) and has shown her work in museums and galleries in Greece and abroad. She is also the author of guidebooks to the Greek islands of Kythira and Lesvos and has published many articles about her global travels to South Korea, India, Cambodia, Laos and other destinations in the Greek Press.

tzeli_portrait_2 Photography workshop with Tzeli
Personal Statement

“I am a storyteller. In my art I document a world that is vanishing in front of our eyes due to forces of globalization. I photograph landscapes, interior spaces, architecture and people in the fragile instant before they disappear into the past. Ruins, faded colours, old habits and faces that don’t seem to belong in the modern world fascinate me and I want them to live on in my images. I seek out subjects that feel authentic, things that are coloured by the patina of time. Everything becomes more alive and present through light; this is the key to my art.”


80 Euro a person, minimum 2 persons

1x1-pixel Photography workshop with Tzeli