Ecomember 2016

Rejuvinating Yoga retreat at Toumba-Milies


yoga-kopfoto Rejuvinating Yoga retreat at Toumba-Milies

1x1-pixel Rejuvinating Yoga retreat at Toumba-Milies

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein

Combine a two day yoga workshop with yoga teacher Leo Peppas at his house in Milies, with a two nights stay at Toumba ecological farm. Toumba and Milies offer the perfect environment for a healing and inspiring yoga retreat.

You will spend two nights in a spacious lodge at Toumba, high in the mountains of South Lesvos. In the morning and in the afternoon you can take a short walk along a beautiful path to the tiny mountain village Milies, home of yoga teacher Leo Peppas.
Leo has been teaching yoga and movement for around 30 years. He is currently writing a series of yoga books, teaching workshops internationally and mentoring teachers.

The heart of his unique teaching method, is the fact that everything you do on the yoga mat can relate to your everyday life. Leo has integrated his experience as a qualified movement educator (Body Mind Centering based), a Psychosynthesis therapist, and an extensive study of Rolfing Movement, together with many years of teaching yoga. Having originally studied the Iyengar Yoga method, he has over the years synthesised an understanding of body awareness and movement principles into his teaching and developed a comprehensive approach of his own. Leo’s belief that yoga can present a clear link to the path of self discovery and provide support in everyday life is core to his teaching method. Leo has worked with and drawn inspiration from Donna Farhi and teaches a form of that seeks to return to the original spirit of yoga.

Leo will meet you on the first night, to discover your needs and design a personal yoga program to suit.

The beautiful location also offers the opportunity to combine the workshop with hiking, mountain biking and horse riding (mountain bikes and horses are available at Toumba).

1x1-pixel Rejuvinating Yoga retreat at Toumba-Milies

yoga-laptop Rejuvinating Yoga retreat at Toumba-Milies

We offer:
– 4 yoga sessions in Milies (2-3 hours per session)
– 2 overnights at Toumba
– 2 x breakfast at Toumba
– 2 x diner at Toumba

Minimum participants: 2, maximum participants: 8

Price: 209 Euro a person

Dates on request, extension possible

1x1-pixel Rejuvinating Yoga retreat at Toumba-Milies