Ecomember 2016

Sail away for a day

1x1-pixel Sail away for a day

A sailing trip in Lesvos’ waters is something you have to experience!

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced sailor or it is your first time on a sailing boat.
Our boats will leave the port early in the morning and in a couple of exciting sailing hours we will arrive in a quiet, clear water anchorage in the nearby isles.
On the way, a tasty snack will give you the necessary energy to participate on the boat’s handling. But only when you feel like it!

tokmakia_islands Sail away for a day

While you will be swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, exploring the coastline or just relaxing, a tasteful lunch will be prepared out of pure ingredients and local recipes.
For the rest of the day, according to your wishes, we can sail to another spot or to the open sea, try to catch some fish, put our flag to the top of the islet or find a Google mark.
We return in the evening, unless we decide to see the Full Moon while sailing back…
Fresh fruit and juices, tea or coffee will be offered in the afternoon.
Just bring your bathing suit, a towel, sunglasses, a hat and sun-tan oil.

sailing-resized-3 Sail away for a day

1x1-pixel Sail away for a day

According to the Port of our departure (Mytilini or Petra-Molyvos) and the weather, the options are:

  • Myrsinia isles & Tarti (the southcoast, from Mytilini)
  • Gera’s Gulf (from Mytilini or Skala Loutron)
  • Tokmakia isles (the northeast coast, from Mytilini or Petra-Molyvos)
  • Sigri area (the west, from Petra-Molyvos)

It is possible to extend your sailing experience with as many days as you please, or to charter a ship for your private company. Just ask us about the possibilities.

Prices from 80 Euro a person (depending on the season), meals and drinks included. Maximum 8 guests.

sailing-resized-1b Sail away for a day

1x1-pixel Sail away for a day