Ecomember 2016

The heart & soul by 4×4

1x1-pixel The heart & soul by 4x4

Take a journey into the center of Lesvos and come back with an appreciation of family, archaeology and outback terrain! This 4X4 Expedition is lead by English and Greek speaking Adriana Sarris, a Greek/American with family roots on the island of Lesvos.

adriana_sarris The heart & soul by 4x4

From Molivos/Petra we take the asphalt road to Ipsilometopo where we sit with the locals and have a coffee. The dirt track takes us past one of the oldest basilicas on the island dating back to the time of Christ. We continue on to an old Monastery run by Father Ignatius and his wife dedicated to archangels Gabriel and Michael. A short distance away is the newly renovated archaeological site of Klopedi. Now in the center we journey past the site where an old statue to Apollo was found and into its namesake village of Napi.


1x1-pixel The heart & soul by 4x4

We stop at the local folklore museum, and share a bit of food and family lore from your guide. The dirt track up the mountain beckons us to Pelopi where we see the foot track up to Mount Lepetimnos. We continue down to the sea past olive groves and view Asia Minor in the distance and stop in Tsonia for a quick swim. Coming around the dirt track we view the mountain from terraced farm land and make our way down to the sea again and back to Molivos/Petra.

Price: €55,-
What to bring: hat, water bathing clothes and a sense of adventure!

jeep_pandora_heart_and_soul The heart & soul by 4x4

1x1-pixel The heart & soul by 4x4