Ecomember 2016

Pandora’s Nature Tours

The nature tours of Pandora Travel take you to places you won’t find easy. A kind of fast hiking through the breathtaking nature of Lesvos. We can take up to 6 guests on our adventures.

Rhododendron Pandora's Nature Tours

The tours you can choose from are:

  • The surprisingly green west: the Ottoman village Klapados, the fairytale forest with mineral rocks and the yellow rhododendron, the giant plane tree of Lygeri, the colored rocks of Gavathas, the pieces of petrified wood on the dune beach of Kambos, the myth of Orpheus near Antissa, etc.
  • The wild horses: a ride through the northeast and central Lesvos with a visit to the medieval bridge of Kremasti, the ruins of the early Christian basilica Halinados, the wild horses in the plateau south of Mantamados, the clay ponds of Palios, the harbor of Geni Limani, etc.
  • The crystal tour: this tour starts at the top of the Olympos. We drive to the chestnut forest, the crystal mountain above Karionas, the white beaches of Fara and Tsilia, Avlonas at the mouth of the bay of Gera, the ruins of the water mill at Skopelos and the old olive press and the stream of Agii Anargyroi
  • The green south: this tour also starts at the top of the Olympos. After the chestnut forest and the crystals we curve to Plomari, the mineral beach of Melinda, Agios Fokas and along the coast of the bay of Kalloni (Skala Polichnitou and its salt pans, Skamnioudi, Agios Pavlos), etc.
  • The enchanting southeast: this trip takes you to the area south of the airport. Ingredients: Kountouroudia and the ferry to Perama, Skala Loutron and its fish farm, the beautiful beach of Agios Ermogenis, the monastery church of Amali in the pine forest, the top of the Profitis Ilias Pteroundas above Mytilini, etc.
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With every trip there is the opportunity to swim somewhere and have lunch. All variations on these routes are possible. We also organize two-day trips, for example with an overnight stay at eco farm Toumba in the mountains above Plomari, a kind of small Mexico with comfortable lodges.

toumba_lodge_exterior Pandora's Nature Tours

Day trips last from 8.30 am to approx. 6.30 pm and cost:
2 participants: 75 Euro per person
3-4 participants: 70 Euro per person
5 participants: 65 Euro per person
6 participants: 60 Euro per person
Lunch is not included.

Two days-tours cost:
2 participants: 165 Euro
3-5 participants: 150 Euro
6 participants: 135 Euro
The overnight stay, breakfast and dinner on the first day are included.