Ecomember 2016

Hike – ‘With different eyes’

Photographer Jan van Lent takes you ‘shopping’ on his walk along the paths and gardens around Molivos. On Lesvos, wild plants are still an important source of food, medicine and cosmetics. The knowledge and use of these plants, herbs and wild vegetables (in Greek ‘chorta’) is handed down from parent to child, or more often, […]

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Cooking in the farmland

Our aunty Ianoula will teach you her kitchen secrets in her restaurant ‘Meltemi’ in Skamnioudi, the harbour of Lisvori. We will start the day with a coffee in the old kafenion which is now the office of Pandora Travel. We will be walking to Skamnioudi on an old cobbled trail and along the beach of […]

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Walking to the Greek kitchen

Traditional at Limanaki cooking koken lesbos lesvos

Enjoy the delights of the local kitchen, the history and the gardens of Petra. A short stroll through the centre of Petra, the Kambos (fertile lowland) and along Avlaki Beach leads us to the Traditional restaurant in Limanaki. Owners Katerina and Takis will guide us in preparing a great lunch. If you do not wish […]

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